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Why your office could benefit from a rewiring

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Many offices can be happy to leave their old wiring as it is, continuing with scheduled checks but never rewiring. There are a few reasons why people may at first be against having their office rewired. This can be due to a number of reasons, usually it is because of time, more specifically, the amount of time taken out of office functionality. This is partly true there will be a number of days that are interrupted, maybe even a week or 2, however, the benefits that can be realised from rewiring will in most cases, last for many years to come.

Benefits of an office rewire

Below are the key benefits that an office rewiring can bring.

Enhanced lighting

In some cases the lighting fixtures that you have in your office may not have been changed for many years. The rewiring of your office is a perfect opportunity to address this perhaps poorly designed lighting, with more organisation and install better quality of lighting such as LED Lighting. With improved lighting this will not only improve visibility for occupants, but also improve their overall well being and comfort, good lighting sets the tone of an office and is proven to boost morale.

Improve energy efficiency

As mentioned above, by adding LED Lighting there are multiple benefits to your office, another huge benefit of LED Lighting, as well as the quality and improvement of visibility, are the massive savings that can be had by switching from traditional lighting to more energy efficient LED fixtures. Energy bills and costs of regular maintenance can be dramatically reduced. This due to the greater durability of LED Lighting and the fact that LED bulbs will last significantly longer than traditional ones.

Opportunity to add more sockets

In the process of an office rewire, there are many opportunities to customise and enhance elements that you had perhaps been meaning to for a while, but never got round to doing so. One option to take is to increase the amount of power outlets, as well as placing them in better suited locations. This making electrical equipment powered by these outlets, more accessible from anywhere in the office. As apposed to making do with sockets that are more awkward to reach than you'd like, therefore making life easier for all occupants within the office.

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