Monitor the temperature, safety and performance of your equipment from anywhere in the world, remotely.

If you are a client of ours and we provide our Remote Monitoring service for you, you'll soon be able to click on the appropriate service and be taken to that individual portal. Once there, you will then be able to login to our secure online portal and view the information that you require.

Adding Remote Monitoring capabilities towards how you manage and oversee the safety of equipment and systems in your plant rooms and other areas, can be extremely beneficial in terms of reducing the frequency of site visits required to manually monitor performance levels. Especially when you have multiple locations that are far out and/or difficult to get to.


Many of our clients have various types of equipment installed and set up in multiple different locations around the country. The scheduling in and arranging to periodically visit these sites can be both challenging and costly. 

These site visits often involve various checks and the verification that overall, all systems are safe and fit for purpose at any particular site. Typical visits may include routine checks and verifying that the machinery is functioning to the required level with no overheating etc - this again is very costly.

Our Remote Monitoring service is in place to reduce the need for frequent checkups, allowing for around the clock access to detailed and accurate readings of levels of performance for a specific system and/or equipment. This in turn reducing the amount of time and money that would usually be lost when scheduling visits to some sites that are difficult and expensive to reach.

A good example of our service involved setting up our Remote Monitoring system for a client at their power station, a very remote and difficult site to get to. We were able to monitor the temperature of the water by installing specialist temperature readers on their water pipes. This information was then uploaded to our cloud based dashboard for both ourselves and the client to access and view through our secure portal. By having this vital information available via our cloud based dashboard, we were able to reduce the need for routine checkups, instead, allowing for constant live updates on the performance levels for any specific chosen aspect of that site.


With our vast experience of dealing with and monitoring plant rooms/equipment/machinery remotely, at Protest ES Ltd we can design a bespoke solution that is specific to your individual requirements. With our in-house software management team and our high spec cloud based software readily available, we are able to ensure that your equipment can be observed and monitored from anywhere in the world.

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