At Protest ES Ltd we strive for excellence in everything that we do, our professionalism, versatility and transparency when dealing with client requirements, continue to be key elements of our success. Helping us ensure that your workplace is safe, compliant, and that you are more than happy with our service delivery.


We offer a vast range of high quality commercial services that increase safety, whilst enhancing the functionality of your workplace, reducing down time, and allowing all occupants onsite to continue with their daily tasks, undisturbed.



Our Nationwide Services Include:

Electrical Compliance | Building Maintenance | Fire Safety Compliance | Remote Monitoring 



As would be expected, we put safety first, guaranteeing that any projects undertaken by ourselves always have the clients safety and best interests at heart. Safety is paramount and we put absolutely nothing above it.

Quality Assured

Our vast experience as well as knowledge and theory gained along the way, means that we are able to ensure that any service we provide has the same attention to detail and high quality of service from the very beginning, to the completion of a project.

Certified Standard

We are fully qualified, having gone through multiple vigorous vetting procedures. This from some of the most highly esteemed and prestigious accreditors, as well as governing bodies in the UK. Ensuring that we not only meet, but that we surpass expected standards.

24/7 Support

Our office team and our onsite team work tirelessly around the clock in order to provide a level of service that is based upon client experience. We ensure that we are available whenever or wherever you need us. Whether you require paperwork, guidance or general support,

we are always on hand to help.  


At Protest ES Ltd we pride ourselves on the versatility and can-do attitude that filters throughout the company.

Our team is one that consists of many different skill sets, varying from qualified Electricians, Fire safety experts, Consultancy & design specialists, to Building maintenance and Facility supervisors. We cover all aspects of safety and compliance, whilst maintaining an exceptional quality of service.  


We've been delivering our services for more than 18 years, often in very different commercial sectors. These including: Retail, Education, Leisure, Property, Healthcare, Facilities Management - plus many more, all nationwide.

With Protest ES Ltd, you can always be sure of a prompt and professional service. We have established ourselves as one of the most honest, transparent and extremely versatile companies within our industry.


This is only further reflected by the strength of our longstanding client relationships and high level of client retention.


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