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Electrical Remedial Repairs

Until the remedial electrical work is completed, your installation is not compliant with Health & Safety legislation.

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Once the electrical safety test has been completed we will tell you the remedial repairs that must be carried out. It is vital to be aware that testing is only part of the electrical safety compliance requirement.

If there are any faults found during the test they are identified in the EICR and given codes C1, C2, or C3.

If a C1 or C2 code is given it would mean the installation is in an unsatisfactory condition.

  • Code C1 faults require urgent attention - danger present

  • Code C2 faults require attention - potential danger

  • Code C3 faults are an improvement recommended

In the event that essential remedial work is not completed following testing then the organisation could be culpable of fault and negligence. It is also likely that insurance for the premises would be compromised and if the worst should happen then the Duty Holder could be proven to be liable.

Essential remedial work must be completed within a time frame appropriate to the coding of the identified fault or faults. In the case of code C1 faults this means urgently.

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if a serious incident occurs under your watch and you are found to be non-compliant, penalties can result in hefty fines and or jail time.

The law

Can Protest ES Ltd help with the remedial work?

Of course we can, it’s all part of our field of expertise.

Duty holders have a legal responsibly to uphold, so must ensure that electrical systems used at their place of work are safe.


  • We will analyse, explain and discuss the results of your EICR

  • Plan and create a tailored electrical remedial repairs schedule

  • Liaise with you to plan the most convenient timing to complete the work with minimal disruption and down time

  • Carry out the repair certifying that the works meet BS 7671:2018 requirements

Keeping your electrical system well maintained will help reduce the risk of non-compliance.


Our electrical repair and maintenance work will ensure that your electrical systems are safe, fit for purpose and compliant.

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