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Lighting Upgrades Service


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Lighting Upgrades

Lighting Upgrades provide instantly brighter lighting which saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. We deal with everything from consultation to installation.

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Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by upgrading to LED lights

At Protest ES Ltd we provide commercial lighting upgrades designed for all business and organisation types.

All lighting upgrade installations are swift and hassle free.


Whether your commercial site is large or small, our team of vastly experienced, expert electricians, are fully equipped to deliver lighting upgrades to any site.

We make it our mission to replace all under performing  lamp fittings and lighting equipment with the latest, high quality LED Lighting lamps and equipment. 

Protest ES Ltd’s NICEIC-approved electricians and technicians are here to help you with your brand new lighting installation or LED upgrade. 

Continue to read down this page to learn more about lighting installations and LED upgrades, how we can help you and the kind of service you can expect from us…

Many businesses, not just in the UK, but worldwide, are still using high costing, and energy consuming traditional lighting, such as incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lighting.

The 4 Stages of your Lighting Upgrades

Get started with your LED lighting upgrade to save money and improve your business’s energy efficiency! Here’s the steps we’ll take to get you all sorted…



We’ll listen to your needs to understand your building. We will then carry out a building survey and get a brief over to you



We will then design what you need, working with you to present the best course of action.

NICEIC approved contractor



Our expert installers  will work hard to get you up-and-running, with seamless process and minimal disruption.



Once the work has been finished, we’ll certify the work we have done to make sure it matches the brief, BS 7671 requirements, and is fit for purpose.

Our LED Lighting upgrades bring the following benefits to your site..

✔ Improve both employee and visitor overall experience

✔ Increase productivity by improving comfort

✔ Improve working environments, boosting health and safety

✔ Boost energy savings by as much as 80%

✔ Reduced glare, buzzing and flickering

✔ Lower your carbon footprint emissions significantly

✔ Reduced maintenance costs and requirements

Protest Lighting Engineer

The Law

LED lighting is not strictly a legal requirement, but government publishings have tightened the performance criteria for lights used in public buildings. Lighting requirements are designed to phase out inefficient types of lighting. LED lights are currently the most affordable and energy efficient alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

New residential developments in the UK must include at least 75% low-energy lighting, defined as lights that produce over 400 lm at an efficiency of 45 lm per watt of power output. For commercial buildings such as offices and hospitals, the efficiency demands are even higher. 

Lighting - The Law

Environmental impacts of upgrading your Lighting

Longer Lasting - save you money: LED lamps can last up to 20 times longer than standard forms of lighting.

Brighter Lighting - fewer lights used: LED fixtures now output around 170 lm per watt, whereas a  fluorescent puts out around 110.

Non-Toxic Elements - Reducing your Carbon footprint: LED lights contain no toxic elements, so can be included in normal domestic waste.

Less Wastage - eco-friendly: Standard LED lamps can be up to 80% more energy-efficient than other lights and waste far less energy.

Protest Environmental

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Every new site is a new exciting challenge for us to gain valuable experience from.

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