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  • Save time and money

  • Evidence of risk management for insurer

  • Secure, backed up data

  • Documentation is constantly updated and always remains current

  • Reports instantly available online

  • Easily filter and find any report with search tools

  • Email alerts

  • History of records for management audits

  • Removes human error in reporting

Site Visit

Our team of highly qualified engineers carry out the works on site and ReportSafe does the rest.

All our staff have the suitable qualifications and wear Protest ES Ltd clothing and the necessary PPE at all times. Engineers' findings and reports are all uploaded automatically.

Site Visit
Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Our interactive web-based reporting system has been developed to ensure that your records are always current, accurate, and any historical data is backed up.


Documentation can never be deleted or lost, as all reports are archived.

Easily Accessible

Easily Accessible

All you need is a device with an internet connection to access this platform.


ReportSafe is a secure and simple user friendly web based system so all records can easily be viewed, filtered and searched 24/7.

Relevant Personnel

Personnel deemed responsible for electrical safety on site(s) have to manage a significant amount of testing documentation.


The storage and ease of accessibility to these reports can be very challenging. ReportSafe provides clients with an easy and safe solution to this problem.

Relevant Personnel

Environmentally Friendly

There is also the ‘green issue’ and our collective responsibility to develop a sustainable process to protect the planet and save energy.

ReportSafe is paperless and highly efficient so works towards this.

Environmentally Friendly
Data Storage

Data Storage

Carrying out various electrical project works consistently over many years will produce a huge set of records. These are all stored in date and site-specific order on our system, ensuring users can easily access their documentation.


Evidence of the works being carried out as per the latest statutory regulations helps businesses for legal requirements.

Just some of the clients that we've worked with

Every new site is a new exciting challenge for us to gain valuable experience from.

The Childrens Trust
Age UK
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