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Fire Door Remedials


If faults or damage are found during the inspection process, we can offer remedial works to help you ensure compliance. Fire door remedials increase the life of your fire doors whilst reducing maintenance bills.

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Why you NEED Fire Door Remedials

Fire doors play a pivotal role in ensuring the overall safety within your building. Therefore, it is incredibly important that they are properly maintained throughout their use, helping to assure the ongoing safety of all occupants within the building.

Properly maintained fire doors can prevent the spread of smoke and fire, providing occupants with a safe means of escape.


Neglecting fire door remedials can have serious consequences. It may result in non-compliance with building regulations, increased fire risks, and potential legal liability in the event of a fire-related incident.

As stated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): 

In addition to the annual inspection and testing of fire door
assemblies, it is the facility manager’s responsibility to retain
records — in either hard copy or digital form.

Did you know?

Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring fire doors are properly maintained and remediated as needed.

Data on over 100,000 inspections shows 75% of fire doors fail to meet safety standards.

What do Fire Door Remedials involve?

Fire door remedials refer to the necessary actions and improvements made to fire doors to ensure they function correctly and meet safety standards. This includes repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.


This could involve replacing faulty fire doors, upgrading hardware, or improving fire door seals. Some of the most common faults and issues that may need remedial works are hinges, glazing, signage and air transfer grills.

After initial inspection, a timeline and schedule for the remedial works is established, prioritising critical issues that pose an immediate fire risk.

After remedial work is completed, a reassessment is conducted to ensure that the fire doors now meet the required safety standards.

Five Step Fire Door Check

  • ​Check for Certification (Fire-rated door label)

  • Check for door apertures

  • Check the gaps and seals around the door frame

  • Check the door closures are working properly

  • Check the door operation

five step fire door check

The Fire Door is a crucial safety barrier

Remedial work should be carried out by trained professionals who are knowledgeable about fire safety regulations. Building occupants should not attempt to repair fire doors unless they have the necessary expertise.

How often should fire doors be inspected and remediated?

  • Fire doors should be inspected at least annually by a competent person

  • The frequency of remedial work will depend on the door's condition

  • Doors in high-traffic areas may require more frequent checks

Why you should use Protest ES Ltd fire safety experts

Protest ES Ltd fire experts are BRE and BM TRADA certified.

Our DBS checked and qualified technicians will provide assurance that every aspect of your building’s fire doors are functioning in accordance with fire regulations.

fire door inspection

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