Why Emergency Light Testing?

Emergency lighting is designed to illuminate exit routes in the event of an emergency. Under Fire safety legislation, occupants in any work place or premises must be safe at all times. This fundamentally means that all buildings must, therefore, have emergency lighting schemes that are fit for purpose, should an emergency occur. Records must also be kept as proof that the required level for the duty of care has been met. 

What does Emergency Light Testing involve?

When testing an emergency lighting system, a mains power failure should be simulated. This will force the emergency lighting system to operate via the battery supply.

Different types of emergency light testing can be broken down into abbreviations such as the following:


  • M3 - Maintained, emergency duration - 3 hours

  • NM2 - Non-maintained, emergency duration - 2 hours

  • S1 - Sustained System, emergency duration - 1 hour

Why Protest ES Ltd?

We keep your lighting systems in full working order by testing all components, including switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment. We will always arrange a maintenance schedule ahead of time to best suit your working day. Our engineers will be able to determine whether or not you need a 1 hour or 3 hour test. Whilst always assessing the placement of emergency lights, to ensure that they’re placed in the best possible location for illumination. Once works have been completed, free certification will be provided, giving you proof of maintenance that we advise you to keep with your logbook.


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