Why Fixed Wire Testing?

The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 place a “duty of care” on employers and landlords to properly maintain electrical circuits as well as all electrical equipment. 

Fixed Wire Testing is a crucial element of preventative maintenance for any business, wires can deteriorate over time and very quickly become unsafe and non compliant. Defined as the reporting and inspection of electrical systems within a workplace or premises, Fixed Wire Testing helps ensure safety, as well as making sure that electrical wiring is compliant with current regulations.


What does Fixed Wire Testing involve?

After an initial visual inspection, All fixed circuits must be tested. This includes the integrity and functionality of cables, accessories and devices, as well as any lighting, socket outlets, air conditioning, or any other fixed plant and/or equipment. During Fixed Wire Testing there is often a requirement for parts of the installation to be isolated for periods of time. With this in mind, you may wish to consider arranging for testing to take place outside of normal working hours, this to ensure minimal disruption to employees, customers or any guests present at your premises.

Why Protest ES Ltd?

You need a competent, certified and sufficiently educated (in that particular field) individual to carry out your fixed wire inspection and testing; as well as a certified qualified supervisor with the relevant experience, to issue the certificate. Our team of certified electrical engineers have many years of professional experience and qualifications between them. Thus ensuring that we are more than capable to carry out your Fixed Wire Testing. If our experts find any defects during our testing, we will always report these formally, and should you wish to use us, we will then arrange remedial works to be completed at your preferred time and date. All works provided are in accordance with the latest Electrical Standards.


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