Why Thermal Imaging?

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a “duty of care” on all those responsible for the maintaining of electrical systems in order to prevent danger. In some cases older more traditional inspection methods and test works will be OK, however, they are not always the most suitable and certainly not the most effective. 


Thermal imaging is unique - there is simply no other preventive maintenance technology or method like it.

By itself or In conjunction with visual inspection and live testing, thermal imaging should be at the forefront of any duty holders preventative maintenance measures.

What does Thermal Imaging involve?

No other preventative maintenance service is able to help identify problems such as poor connections, over loaded cables and any other faults in electrical equipment as safely and as promptly as thermal imaging. Enabling this, whilst causing zero disruption to the normal operation of your business.


Thermal imaging involves the quick identification of damaged and/or faulty areas known as 'hot spots' in any type of electrical supply. These 'hot spots' generate heat, the thermal imaging camera will then detect the irregularities in the system, with the reports generated, alerting us to any potential hazard. 

The enabling of no-contact measurements to be taken from a safe distance and creation of easily understandable images relating to the health of distribution boards is simply unrivalled.

Why Protest ES Ltd?

Protest ES Ltd only use the latest and greatest high specification equipment, with each of our electrical engineers having their own hand held FLIR thermal imaging cameras.


Combining this technology with the valuable experience of providing effective thermal imaging in a multitude of different working environments, our engineers are certified and more than capable of locating and determining the severity of any potential hazards. 


Helping establish a productive repair/replace programme off the back of any results.



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