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Thermographic surveys / inspections, Thermal Imaging


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Thermal Imaging

Also known as Thermographic surveys / inspections, Thermal Imaging can be used for inspections of electrical systems and components. The use of thermography in any electrical installation will help identify faults before they occur.

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Thermal Imaging (Thermographic survey) is THE perfect diagnostic tool

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places a “duty of care” on all those responsible for the maintaining of electrical systems in order to prevent danger. In some cases, older more traditional inspection methods and test works will be fine, however, they are not always the most suitable and certainly not the most effective. 


Thermal Imaging is unique - there is simply no other preventive maintenance technology or method like it.

As a prior method by itself or in conjunction with visual inspection and live testing, thermal imaging should be at the forefront of any duty holders planned preventative maintenance measures (PPM) .

What does it involve?

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging involves the quick identification of damaged and/or faulty areas known as 'hot spots' in any type of electrical supply. These 'hot spots' generate heat, the thermal imaging camera will then detect the irregularities in the system, with the reports generated, alerting us to any potential hazard. 

No other non-invasive preventative maintenance service is able to identify problems such as poor connections, over loaded cables and any other faults in electrical equipment as safely and as promptly as thermal imaging.

Do I need Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging itself is not a legal requirement, however the EAWR 1974 do state that it is a requirement to ensure that your systems are maintained to a safe standard in order to prevent injury or death from electrical fault or cause.

Thermal Imaging serves as the perfect contributing diagnostic supporting act for your critical Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) servicing. Furthermore, by conducting Thermal Imaging surveys, this will not only help identify existing faults, but it will also help identify any potential issues that are yet to become visible.

A thermal camera is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy (heat) and converts it into a visual image that will locate and depict exactly where the hotspots in a system are.

Thermal Image

Heavily reduced maintenance costs

Non-contact and non-invasive inspection tool

Significantly increase lifespan of systems

The many benefits of Thermal Imaging

Effective in any working environment

Allows for a productive repair/replacement programme

Identify hidden faults, not visible to the naked eye

What to expect from this service

The very latest technology used to ensure high-res quality of images and detailed thermographic reports, designed to provide cutting edge results that will help towards future proofing and the safeguarding of your premises from current or future electrical faults or hazards.

Stay ahead of the curve with your maintenance obligations, by incorporating thermal imaging surveys as part of your electrical maintenance schedule. Results you get from thermal imaging will allow you to plan months in advance with your maintenance routines, taking the initiative and avoiding the reliance of expensive reactive action. 

A complete non-invasive experience, due to the lack of physical interruption required. Thermal Imaging surveys actually encourage functionality with the service being most effective in busy environments.  

What specific faults does Thermal Imaging help detect and prevent?

Loose fittings and connections

Deteriation of wiring

Three phase discrepancies 


Overloading of circuits

Fuse blowouts

Help predict and shape the future safety of your premises!

If you wish to be able to future proof the electrical safety and maintenance of your workplace, there is no better accompanying tool.


We can confidently say that - "once you start using this service, you wont stop."

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