More and more Brits turn to LED Lighting

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

It has been well documented over the last number of years the numerous benefits that LED lighting brings to the table.

It can be argued that top of the list of benefits, are the energy saving and cost saving qualities. In a survey carried out by Reichelt Elektronik, respondents revealed that the biggest influence for their purchasing of LED lights was the energy saved.

With LED lights lasting 4 times longer than compact fluorescent lighting, and 25 times longer than an incandescent source, despite producing the same amount of light, according to Phillips lighting.

The survey findings were an interesting discovery regarding domestic contractors, with the main benefit for this particular demographic being energy saving, just 21% of the contractor’s main concern being luminosity and a tiny 9% focused on lighting colour.

Findings from this survey also showed that energy efficiency was the most important factor for a quarter of Brits when buying any lamp. As many buyers look towards the longevity and long-term cost saving benefits when comparing with standard conventional bulbs.

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