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The importance of Preventative Maintenance

Do you own, manage, or are you responsible for any type of commercial premises or property? If yes, you should have some awareness for the importance of ensuring the safety, as well as the upkeep of that space.

There is a famous term "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - this may still apply for some industries, however, in this day and age we cannot afford to have this mentality anymore. The increased costs in downtime are just too high and can have severe negative impact on a business. Preventative maintenance is critical to ensuring safety of occupants and heavily reducing costly downtime, as well as many other important benefits.

Lets have a look at the factors that make preventative maintenance such an important requirement.

Ensuring safety of machines and operators

By having scheduled periodic preventative maintenance carried out at your workplace you are able to assure that your equipment is in safe condition and therefore remains safe to operate. Any potential hazards that creep up are dealt with early before they become a serious problem with potential to cause harm to occupants.

Keep machinery and equipment efficient

In whatever industry you are in, wear and tear to machinery and or other equipment is a given, the efficiency of these elements will be always affected by this over time. For that reason, preventative maintenance is a means to keeping machinery running at optimal levels, ensuring working conditions are safe and increasing the life span of equipment and machinery for as long as possible.

Reduce downtime

Implementing preventative maintenance into your workplace may in some cases result in a small initial setback on the productivity and functionality. However the long term positive impact will far outweigh the small initial setback. Also, the breakdown of productivity and functionality in the workplace caused from any fault or hazard that has not been covered by preventative maintenance, will be far more detrimental to downtime than any setup of PM. Ultimately, it is important to remember preventative maintenance will always take less time than any emergency repairs and replacement of equipment and machinery and will only benefit the safety and productivity of the workplace in the long term.

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