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Our Fire door safety inspectors successfully passed their BRE Group Fire Door Inspection Course.

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What is BRE?


The BRE Academy Fire Door Inspector and Fire Door Installation & Maintenance qualifications cover vital knowledge, and were created by BRE together with the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF).

Why BRE?


Fire door inspectors need to have a full and comprehensive understanding of their role, and a good appreciation of the current standards to achieve competence.

BRE and the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) developed this comprehensive and practical training course that provides important details that must be addressed when conducting fire door inspections.

The course addresses the importance of different types of fire doors and their installation, and an appreciation of the importance of components including door closers, hinges and door hardware. The course features practical examples of fire door inspections to help reinforce the key learning points.

After successfully completing this course, individuals have shown they are capable of;

  • Thoroughly understanding regulations and standards applying to fire doors

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the different types of fire doors

  • Appreciating importance of critical components like door closers and hinges

  • Clearly understanding the inspection procedure and pass/fail criteria

  • Understanding the advice to give the building owner/client in case of inspection failure


The Regulations


Changes in regulations regarding fire safety came into force in 2006 following the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England and Wales). Now, one of the legal duties of building occupiers is to appoint a ‘responsible person’ (defined in article 3) in virtually all types of building in England and Wales. Note: This person is referred to as the ‘Duty Holder’ in Scottish law and the ‘appropriate person’ in Northern Ireland.

The duty of the responsible person is to carry out the annual fire risk assessment and ensure the safety of anyone using their premises. These regulations acknowledge that it cannot be left to one person alone to be responsible for building fire safety. Alongside the duties of the ‘responsible person’ there are several articles which directly refer to the training and general duties of ALL employees at work.

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