Why PAT Testing?


The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury, is maintained in a safe condition. Most responsible employers and/or duty holders recognise the importance of keeping electrical appliances in safe working order. 


Accepting that annual formal PAT Testing, with the use of professionally calibrated equipment and proper follow up recording, is an expected part of any duty holders routine Health & Safety procedure.

What does PAT Testing involve?

PAT Testing involves the performing of tests and checks on a variety of portable appliances.


The majority of movable appliances under the weight of 18kg and with a plug, will require PAT Testing.


The first stage of PAT Testing involves performing an initial visual inspection, checking for any sign of damage or faults. This is is incredibly important as it is the point were most fails will normally occur. 


Following on from this a further in depth test must be carried out using a properly calibrated portable appliance tester. The tester helps identify if any faults that may not have been visible in the initial visual inspection.

Testing includes earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance, amongst other more detailed readings that can be provided, should they be required. Once tested and inspected, each appliance will be labelled with a safety sticker accompanied by a barcode to confirm testing and enable the tracking of each individual appliance in the future.

Why Protest ES Ltd?

We offer this service nationwide with our team of fully qualified and vastly experienced engineers (C&G 2377) available all around the country (this including: Wales, Scotland, Ireland).


Every member of our onsite team work swiftly and efficiently to ensure complete safety of all portable appliances throughout your premises. With Protest you can always expect your PAT Testing to be performed professionally and with minimal disruption to your workplace.

We fit our testing schedule to work best around your required business needs, whether you have a small single site, or multiple large sites, we maintain a consistent high quality of service.


Keeping you updated constantly with any developments, testing for the same client in monthly blocks to avoid any confusion and to simplify the tracking of any testing dates and times.


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