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Overloaded sockets in your office and the dangers to look out for

It can be very tempting to utilize multiple adaptors, sometimes linking one adaptor to anther adaptor. The urgency to do this could occur especially in a working environment where you may want or need to have close access to many different electrical devices. However, in doing so you could be putting yourself and your colleagues at risk of electrical harm.

Socket overload

You should always avoid overloading an extension lead. By plugging in appliances that exceed a maximum current rating of the extension lead. By overloading that extension lead you run the risk of causing it to overheat, which in turn could cause a fire. Another method to avoid a socket overheating, is refraining from plugging in an extension lead into another extension lead.

If you really need to use multiple electrical appliances but have limited sockets, the safest option to take will be to seek the services of a qualified electrician. Thereby getting further sockets installed near where you operate the required electrical devices in your workplace.

Signs of danger to look out for

The following signs of danger to look out for will be an indication that your socket is in danger of causing harm to yourself or others in the office.

Poorly wired plugs are to be monitored, this means looking out for any wires that are protruding a plug that is regularly used in the same socket. Check for signs of damage or wear and tear signs on the socket or plug that is regularly used in the socket. This could be visually, with visible burn or scorch marks on the socket, as well as frayed wiring on any plug leading into the socket.

Also look out for any signs of visible sparks or smoke that can be seen coming from either the socket or plug. Problems can also be identified by noticing any unfamiliar smoke or burning smell. in particular, the unique smell of plastic burning could be a sign that the smell is coming from a socket or a plug.

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