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Fire Safety - things to ensure for the safety of your commercial premises

As part of your Fire Safety Compliance and as the responsible person, commercial owner, or duty holder, it is important that you have in place a method for ensuring that your premises is covered and safe from any type of fire hazard. Having some form of a fire safety checklist is perfect for ensuring that your fire safety is adequate and will serve as an ideal contributor to your overall Fire Risk Assessment.

Below are things to consider for the different elements of your commercial building.


Ensure that all staff on site are aware of the procedures that they need to follow in the event of a fire. Ahead of any emergency, the nominated responsible person or persons's, must have had sufficient fire safety training, this involving how to handle fire safety equipment and how to ensure safe evacuation.

There must also be a clear understanding of procedure for when alarms are triggered and authorities need to be contacted, such as the fire services and / or police.

Fire safety equipment

The appropriate quantity and type of fire extinguishers must be available in the best suited areas of your premises for effective use, this including the installation of emergency lighting in the most suitable areas. Dependent on the type of premises, some of the emergency lighting may also need to be powered from a separate generator, away from the mains in case of any power outage.

All staff should understand the plan of evacuation and as well as any visitors, be able to clearly locate signage indicating plans for the safest exit. Fire exits and escape doors also need to be closed and left unobstructed at all times.

Fire Alarms and Smoke Alarms

The correct amount of fire detection for each floor in your commercial building must be ensured. Regular testing on all fire detection systems must be in place to be certain that all are fit for purpose, with frequent maintenance also carried out. There will also need to be an appointed warden to oversee regular fire drills, testing both the fire alarms, as well as evacuation procedures.

Electrical systems

Scheduled maintenance testing and inspection need to be ensured throughout the premises, to prevent any signs of wear and tear, damage, or electrical fault. You should also try to avoid overloading sockets in your workplace.

Combustible items

Avoid having too many combustible items in your commercial premises, as well as securing the materials that you do require, safely away from site. If possible, also ensuring that your commercial building remains well ventilated.

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