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Duration Test - Can it save your life?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

To escape from a burning building you need to know where your emergency exits are. Emergency lighting allows you to do this and they need to be checked yearly through a duration test. Also known as a 'discharge' or 'three-hour' test, a 'duration’ test needs to be carried out on your emergency lighting every year.

What is a duration test?

A duration test looks at whether your emergency lighting will work in an emergency and see if there are any issues with drainage.

What happens during a duration test?

During a duration test, the emergency lighting batteries are fully drained. The test will run as long as your emergency lighting lasts.

After the test, we will advise you of the results and note the results down in your fire safety logbook. We will also turn the power back on so the emergency lighting can recharge.

It is important that you fix any issues identified by the duration test as soon as possible.

When is the best time to perform a duration test?

A duration test should be carried out at an off-peak time, for example early in the morning when the building is empty.

If your building operates 24/7, we recommend carrying out the test when there is lots of natural light in the building. This means if there is an emergency scenario, the natural light will help guide people out of the building.

Who can perform a duration test?

A duration test must be performed by a qualified engineer with the needed skills and training. Protest ES Ltd engineers are all trained to perform duration tests safely.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Protest ES Ltd, today – 01604 696113 |


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