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Emergency Light Testing (Flick test) - Essential for Property Owners to Ensure a Safe Exit

Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and normal electrical illumination fails.

The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut. Without emergency lighting this could lead to sudden darkness and possible danger to occupants, either through physical danger or panic.

You are expected by law to comply with a variety of regulations that are in place to protect the people within your building. These include employees, customers and any other visitors to your premises.

You are legally obligated to ensure that systems are maintained and installed in full working order.

BS 5266 gives the general outline, recommendations and guidance on the factors that need to be considered in the design of, and the installation and wiring of, electrical emergency escape lighting systems, in order to provide the lighting performance needed for safe movement of people in the event of the supply to normal lighting failing.

The design and type of equipment being specified by the architect in accordance with current Building Regulations and any local authority requirements.

The British Standard provides the emergency lighting designer with clear guidelines to work to. BS 5266-1 relates not only to hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, licensed premises, offices, museums, shops but also multi-storey dwellings.

Although the standard recommends the types and backup durations for each category of premises, it should be remembered that standards define a minimum requirement and that a higher specification may be required for a particular application.

If your Emergency Lighting isn't fit for purpose and readily available when it is needed to illuminate areas of your building, you will be in breach of the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. That is where we come in, we have a team of fire safety experts that are ready and waiting to install, replace, repair and of course, test all of your Emergency Lighting systems. We have one very simple goal - ensuring that you remain compliant with all of your maintenance obligations. Your Emergency Light Testing being a critical part of your overall safety and maintenance requirements.

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