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Fire Extinguisher Testing (Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Servicing)


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Fire Extinguisher Testing

Also known as Fire Extinguisher Servicing, this involves the repair, replacement, installation, commisioning and maintenance of fire extinguishers as part of your essential fire protection program. 

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Why you NEED Fire Extinguisher Testing

Fire Extinguisher Testing is critical for ensuring that you meet the legal requirement towards fire safety as a duty holder.


The testing and maintenance of extinguishers is an essential part of any fire protection program. It is the responsibility of every business owner and/or duty holder to arrange for regular inspection and maintenance of all extinguishers on site.

To remain compliant, regulations state that all extinguishers should be maintained annually, by a professional.


Monthly checkups by the responsible person(s) should be carried out alongside this.

Did you know?

Every year fire extinguishers save the UK economy over £500 million and prevent over 1,500 injuries

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For businesses, organisations, public buildings and HMOs, it is a legal requirement to ensure all fire extinguishers are serviced every year.

What does it involve?

Fire extinguisher testing involves a number of different checks, these include the following:


  • checking all fire extinguisher components

  • assessing the class of fire extinguisher you need

  • ensuring extinguishers are working to current legal standards


Once inspections, testing and all maintenance has been completed, the works must be recorded in a site log book, as well as on a tag attached to all serviced devices.

Take action once alerted

Once alerted to the problem, via your fire alarm and detction systems, and before any fire services can arrive, fire extinghusers will arm you with a tool to subdue and passify the threat of fire.

Therefore, they must be fit for purpose at all times to allow you to effectively do use them should you require it.

Fire extinguishers are a vital life saving pieice of apparetis and should be maintained to the ensure they remain as such.

The law:

The law states that all employers must provide their staff with adequate means of tackling a fire in the workplace.


There is also a legal obligation for a competent person to at minimum, annually service the firefighting equipment to the standard of BS 5306 part 3.

This is explained in the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations, regulation 6: Where it is necessary to provide fire extinguishing equipment to safeguard employees in the event of fire, (BS 5306 Part 8) this equipment shall be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair (BS 5306 Part 3).

Alongside the annual inspection carried out by a competent professional, businesses must also ensure that they carry out their own weekly fire extinguisher checks.

How we service your Fire Extinguishers

• Check all parts of fire extinguisher such as: valves, safety devices, gauges, and operating mechanisms.


• Check fire extinguishers both internally and externally, for corrosion

• Check weight of extinguishers are within the required range

• Compile a maintenance report or ’Certificate of Inspection’ - this is a legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer and engineer. 

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