Why Fire Extinguisher Testing?

Fire Extinguisher Testing is an important aspect of ensuring that you meet the legal requirement towards fire safety as a duty holder. The testing and maintenance of extinguishers is an essential part of any fire protection program. It is the responsibility of every business owner and/or duty holder to arrange for regular inspection and maintenance of all extinguishers on site.

To remain compliant, regulations state that all extinguishers should be maintained annually, by a professional. Monthly checkups by the duty holder should be carried out alongside this.

What does Fire Extinguisher Testing involve?

Fire extinguisher testing involves a number of different checks, these include the following: checking all fire extinguisher components, assessing the class of fire extinguisher you need, and ensuring extinguishers are working to current legal standards. Once inspections, testing and all maintenance has been completed, the works must be recorded in a site log book, as well as on a tag attached to all devices.


Why Protest ES Ltd?

At Protest ES Ltd we understand the importance of providing safety checks on each and everyone of your fire extinguishers, and when necessary, replacing with minimal disruption to the workplace. With Protest there is no cutting corners on the importance of keeping people safe. We ensure that through the implementation of our professional fire safety compliance service, our clients are also able to fulfill their businesses, legal, and insurance requirements.


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