Why Fire Alarm Testing?

The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 require that fire alarms and automatic detection systems should be installed where there is a requirement for early warning of fire.


What does Fire Alarm Testing involve?

 Fire alarm inspection and testing means thorough integrity tests of the system, including cables, containment, panels, detectors and sounders. A real time audible fire alarm is part of the test, the test procedure includes clearly advising staff before and after the audible test.

Why Protest ES Ltd?

Poor maintenance can lead to failure and possible risk to life. All fire alarm and detection systems are required to be tested and inspected in accordance with BS5839 pt 1. Our team work professionally and promptly to reduce the risk of any injury or fatality in event of a fire outbreak. We ensure that your fire alarm system is fit for purpose, so that all occupants will be notified as soon as possible, leading to a swift evacuation of the workplace, should any type of fire outbreak occur. 


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