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Fire Blanket Inspection


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Fire Blanket Inspection

Fire blankets are essentially fire extinguishers and should be checked annually by a competent professional to ensure that they are safe and suitable for use.

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Why you NEED one in every commercial kitchen and catering area

Although not a legal requirement, it is strongly suggested and we advise also, that you ensure that if you have any kitchen or catering area in your businesses premises, you have Fire Blankets that are fit for purpose and readily available in the unfortunate event of a small fire outbreak. 

What's involved?

Monthly checks require the inspection of accessibility, signage, the blanket container, and the confirmation of annual inspections.


Yearly checks also include inspection of accessibility, signage, blanket container, and checking for damage to the blanket. If fire blankets do not meet the required standards, they must be immediately repaired on the spot or removed from site.


Any blankets that have already been used to subdue a fire must be disregarded. Alike standard fire extinguishers, once inspections, testing and all maintenance has been completed, the works must be recorded in a site log book, as well as on a tag attached to all devices.

How does it work

The fire blanket works by killing the supply of oxygen to a fire and ultimately smothering the source.


It is important that fire blankets are inspected to make sure there are no faults, such as tears or breakages that would allow oxygen to flow through. 

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How to use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets provide an incredibly useful method for dealing with kitchen fires such as deep pan overspills and any other type of fire related issue deriving from cooking. In the event of a fire outbreak in the kitchen, the first step to take (if possible to do so) is to switch off the power and heat source. Secondly, pull the straps on the blanket cover to release the blanket from the pouch, then stretch the blanket out to it's full capacity so that it is large enough to smother the entirity of the fires flames.


Place the fire blanket over the burning element, leaving it there for at least 30 minutes to ensure that the fire is no longer an active threat. Leave the room and if required, immediately contact the fire brigade.

Fire blankets can also be used when a person’s clothing catches fire too. If this occurs, cover the person with the blanket (safely wrapping your own hands in the blanket) and encourage the person in question to roll on the floor in order to passify and extinguish the flames.

Fire blankets can also be used as protection from fire, for example, if you need to escape through a burning room. If required, the fire blanket can be wrapped around an individal, most commonly a chld or a baby - this so that they can safely exit the room in the fire resistant material of the fire blanket as they pass through the fire engulfed area.

Why trust Protest with your Fire Blanket Inspection?

Using our qualified experts will give you the assurance that maintenance procedures have been carried out according to British Standard, and in the event of a fire, your fire safety equipment will always be ready and fit for purpose.


As well as this, you will be able to prove through us, that you are appropriately protected, equipped and ready should the event of a fire outbreak occur.

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