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Why Fire Damper Maintenance is so important

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Much like any of your key fire safety essentials, fire dampers will save lives, that means that their upkeep and overall Fire Damper Maintenance is absolutely imperative to protect the lives of any people within a building.

If properly maintained, Fire dampers will prevent the spread of smoke and fire from travelling through your ventilation systems to different areas in your building.

It is important that these fire safety components are never overlooked and remain well maintained on a regular and scheduled basis.

However, It is perhaps easier than with other more visibly clear fire safety equipment, for fire dampers to be overlooked, with them being at times hidden within a building’s duct-work. Maintenance is still just as important and if they are not regularly serviced, they can quickly become faulty and begin to fail to meet their duty.

As mentioned above, Fire dampers are a vital part of a building’s fire safety strategy. They can prevent duct-work conveying fire from one area to another. Heat and smoke travelling down a ventilation system will activate a thermal sensor to release the fire damper shutter, which slams shut, containing the fire to its point of origin.

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