Fire Damper Maintenance

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Why Fire Damper Maintenance

Defined technically as: “mechanical device that is operated automatically or manually and designed to prevent the passage of fire and which, together with its frame, is capable of meeting for a stated period of time the fire resistance criteria for integrity”.

Fire dampers are constructed to prevent the flow of fire from spreading from room to room or area to area. More specifically, Fire dampers are installed into or within an air duct system to prevent fire and smoke from flowing through your ventilation system to other areas in your building.


Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all fire safety systems are maintained to a safe standard. BS9999:2017 say that there should be arrangements made to for all of the fire dampers on the premises to be tested by a competent professional upon completion of installation on an annual basis, minimum. 

It is also stated that one must ensure that fire dampers are repaired and or replaced immediately in this circumstance that a fault is found. Best practise is to add fire damper maintenance to your overall fire safety maintenance schedule, this to increase the chance of identifying faults early and rectify issues before they become serious.




Leading safety governing bodies recommend that fire dampers should be maintained / serviced one year after installation. Fire dampers that are located in dusty areas will require more regular testing schedules. As stated above, all fire safety systems must be safely maintained by law. As the responsible person you must maintain all fire dampers, as fire dampers that are not safely maintained and fit for purpose will not do their job and prevent the spread of fire.


As part of your essential fire safety services, fire dampers will require inspection as well as cleaning, lubrication, as well as drop testing and resetting to ensure that everything is in full working order. Our fire safety experts that specialise in testing and maintenance of all fire safety systems, including fire dampers are on hand to carry out routine inspection and testing of dampers to give you that peace of mind. 

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