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Tips for ensuring better electrical safety in the workplace

All forms of workplace safety are incredibly important, after all, most of us spend most of our time there, so it needs to be a safe place.

This can be challenging as most workplaces naturally have high potential for multiple hazards, whether it be fire hazards, trip hazards, or electrical hazards.

There are however some steps that should be taken to further ensure that the electrical safety in your workplace is maintained.

What are some of the hazards that can occur when working with electricity?

· electric shock and burns from contact with live parts

· injury from exposure to arcing, fire from faulty electrical equipment or installations

· explosion caused by unsuitable electrical apparatus or static electricity igniting flammable vapours or dusts

· Electric shocks can also lead to other types of injury, for example by causing a fall from height, such as ladders or scaffolding etc.

As mentioned above, there are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that these types of hazards are avoided…

Ensure the maintenance of equipment

All machinery, appliances, and any other electrical devices in the workplace will require consistent, proper maintenance steps. With correct maintenance, electrical equipment stands a far greater chance of of being in a healthy condition for much a longer period of time. Alongside professional testing and inspection, equipment should be regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear. Aside from smaller movable electrical equipment appliances, larger machinery and fixed installations should only ever be tested and inspected by a qualified electrical professional.

Overloading of sockets

Not just in the workplace, but in homes too, it is vitally important that we do not overload outlets. By avoiding overloading of sockets, this is an important step towards avoiding electric shock. In a busy and often crowded workspace it can be very difficult to establish whether something has been overloaded. Make sure that the equipment, machinery or any other appliances that are plugged into an outlet are not exceeding the maximum current rating for an extension lead. If overloaded, sockets can easily shock and / or lead to fire hazard.

Immediately report hazards or any other issues

Any faults, malfunctions, or environmental issues that could effect the quality or health of an electrical device, appliance, or machinery will always require immediate action in the form of reporting to management. The sooner the issue is reported, the sooner the appropriate precautionary actions can be taken to prevent hazards leading to injury. By reporting issues you could easily be saving lives and preventing a small hazard that could grow to become a huge hazard later.

Use of appropriate safety signage

Specific safety signs are required to guide and warn people of the potential or current hazards that they need to be aware of and to avoid. Safety signage is incredibly important for preventing avoidable injury for employees, and any other type of visitors on site. There are 4 key signs that need to be acknowledged and should be included In any workplace health and safety policy or programme.

The following are the 4 key safety signs and what they represent: prohibition and fire (red), mandatory (blue), caution and safe condition. For electrical hazards and fire hazards, yellow ‘danger’ signs are used to identify electric shock risks, fire risks and hazards.

Follow the rules and regulations

By ensuring that your workplace complies with important electrical safety regulations such as the Electricity at Work Regulations (EAWR 1989), and ensuring that you have an up to date EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) from a qualified professional, you are taking the critical steps required to protect occupants in your premises from electrical hazard.

Important to note: If you do not comply with these two regulations (EAWR 1989, EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) you will not only be putting lives at risk, but also breaking the law!

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