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Faulty extension lead the cause of fire in block of flats last month

Sources from LFB (London Fire Brigade) have stated that the cause of a fire that left a block of flats in flames last month was caused by a electrical fault, more specifically, a faulty extension lead.

Luckily there were no injuries reported from the block of flats in Limehouse, London. But it took around 35 fire fighters and as many as 5 fire engines to tackle the blaze.

Residents became aware that something was up when they noticed smoke in the communal corridors and could smell burning. On further inspection by the LFB, they found smoke coming from an electrical intake cupboard on the 6th floor that had been damaged as a result of the electrical fault.

As mentioned earlier, luckily the fire brigade were able to gain control and successfully stop spread of the fire reasonably quickly, escorting as many as 20 residents to safety.

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