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Staying on top of your Building's Maintenance

Ensuring an entire commercial buildings maintenance will always be a hefty task. However, It is vital that maintenance is prioritised, safety is paramount and also, in most cases your building is one of, if not the biggest sizeable assets you have as an owner. If maintenance is neglected, firstly you are putting peoples health and safety at risk and secondly your asset will naturally depreciate in value. It is absolutely critical that all equipment, installations and systems, as well the general structure of the building are kept well up to the required standards.

What steps can be taken to ensure maintenance?

Carrying out regular checks of a workplace will allow for any low key or small hazards to be picked up and dealt with at an earlier stage, before they can become a serious issue. This naturally makes the working environment safer and creates much less hassle going forward, as well as huge money savings. This due to the fact that dealing with smaller issues will always be cheaper than dealing with issues that manifest to grow large and cause serious damage, resulting in costly downtime. A big part of your buildings overall maintenance will come in the form of regular and scheduled electrical testing of all equipment and systems, allowing duty holders to meet legal obligations of ensuring a safe working environment for all occupants. For example having documented evidence that you have tested critical parts of your building such as electrical installations with an EICR (Electrical Installation Conditions Report) is essential.

It can be extremely effective for duty holders with a responsibility for the maintenance of a building, to to split up the premises into sections, allowing for better organisation and management of space. Duty holders can then schedule for different areas to be checked, tested and monitored at different allocated times. This accommodating for the continued functionality and productivity of the work space, whilst one area is being maintained, other areas can be utilised for normal working functions.

If you require any works on your commercial property, whether it be a large scale building or small scale building, our team can cater to either size and any requirements that you may have, to speak to our office team, contact this number today - 01604 696113.

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