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May 17 - Lockdown ease: whats changed?

Monday 17th May sees the biggest easing of COVID lockdown restrictions since last summer, which is extremely welcome news to many. Pubs and restaurants are now open indoors, and museums, theatres and cinemas can now open. Furthermore, the ban on overseas holidays will lift for "green list" countries.

The most significant impact this will have is on the hospitality industry, which has been seriously affected by the restraints placed on them during the pandemic. As of late, pubs and restaurants have opened, but only outside, and as you would expect the British weather has not been too reliable or kind to them. We would like to send our best wishes and luck to all those in this sector, and would like to rally support, especially for smaller independent businesses who have suffered most during this time.

It has been an extremely difficult period for many, and we should use this opportunity to reflect on what we have missed, and enjoy time with friends and family, whilst remaining safe.

At Protest ES Ltd we have been operating throughout the pandemic providing essential services to many clients, such as hospitals and offices. Throughout this time, we have worked vigorously to ensure we stick to all the current COVID guidelines, such as the correct PPE for our electricians always, with the safety of them, our clients and the wider community being paramount. We will continue to keep the safety of all as top priority as we operate in busier and more occupied spaces.

Would you like to know more about how Protest ES Ltd can help protect your business, staff and visitors, thus keeping you safe and legally compliant with the latest regulations?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, by calling this number: 01604 696113 today or contacting: /

Important to note - our new address is now the following below:


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