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April 12th - lockdown restrictions ease: everything you can and can’t do from today!

Today (April 12th) is a momentous occasion in which will likely see the outside of pubs and restaurants flooded to full capacity for the first time in a long time...

In England the next steps have been taken towards giving the general public more freedom and moving towards more normality.

Perhaps the biggest news today is that pubs, more specifically beer gardens are opening. However, there are other non-essential establishments that are due to open today too. The general public must still adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines such as social distancing and the “rule of six”.

Some of the non-essential establishments that can reopen are:

- Hair & Beauty salons

- Barbers

- Hospitality such as: Pubs (outdoor only) and Restaurants (outdoor only)

- Gyms

- Drive-in cinemas

- Zoo’s

- Theme parks

- Community stores

- Retail stores such as clothing and electronic goods

Gyms and leisure facilities

Gym enthusiasts will be just as happy as pub goers today, as all indoor gyms and swimming pools will be reopening. However, saunas and steam rooms will not be part of the reopening plans and they will remain closed until further notice for obvious reasons.

Hospitality: Pubs & Restaurants

A change in restrictions in England will now mean that pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars will be allowed to welcome punters in groups of up to 6, equating to roughly 2 households, in outdoor spaces only. There will no longer be a requirement for large, substantial meals to be purchased alongside alcoholic beverages, as well as no curfew. People will be expected to remain seated throughout though.

Public buildings

Libraries and other public buildings and community centres will reopen today, however museums and art galleries will remain closed for now.

Weddings, funerals and travel

Weddings will allow for up to 15 attendees, and funerals can allow for up to 30 mourners. People are expected to continue working from home where possible and when travelling take the fastest and quickest route possible.

Non-essential retailers

All non-essential retailers, that includes clothing shops and electronic goods, reopen today too. People will be ordered to remain wearing masks when inside these places, only excluding those that are exempt from wearing masks.

Outdoor attractions

This will include zoos, theme parks, botanical gardens, and drive-in cinemas, as well as safaris and live events. Due to COVID-19 being more avoidable in open air, most outdoor attractions will reopen today.

Hair & Beauty Salons / Barbers

People all across England are now permitted to visit these various premises. Staff are still required by law to wear the usual PPE in order to prevent the spread. Customers will be required to enter premises alone or with family and / or household members only.

What will remain the same

The 2 metre distance rule will remain the same, as well as social contact rules. Domestic travel is allowed but should be minimised unless absolutely required. International travel will remain illegal until further notice. Outdoor gatherings should be no greater than 6 people, meaning 2 households.

The government ask that indoor socialising should only take place with household and / or family members.

Hopefully today will go a long way to alleviating some of the mental sufferings that many in the country have faced during the strict lockdown rules.

If you'd like to know more about how Protest ES Ltd can help protect your business, staff and visitors, thus keeping you safe and legally compliant with the latest regulations?

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