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Fire door safety – the importance

The many different code requirements for a structure to be compliant, from materials to procedures and equipment such as fire-rated walls and doors, are probably familiar to you if you are in charge of maintaining a safe building.

Despite many advancements in safety and technology, modern day living has also increased the number of fire hazard threats we live with at the same time.

Fires use doors, much like occupants do, to enter various parts of a building. Fire will naturally follow the path of least resistance, which is very often a door, even if it can burn through walls (especially if they are not fire-rated). If the doors themselves are not fireproof, they may potentially amplify and spread a fire through them.

Thankfully, fire doors, or doors with a designated fire-resistance rating, can assist in keeping fires contained to one room or area of a structure and delay the spread of the fire, giving fire services invaluable time to attempt to diffuse the fire and giving occupants more time to escape. One of the most crucial components in preventing the spread of fire in any type of building whether it be large-scale tower blocks or small offices, are fire doors.

A building's dangers in the event of a fire occurrence may also be increased by a number of other factors. For instance, there are more mobility problems to take into account while leaving healthcare settings like hospitals and retirement homes.

We always suggest to anyone that will listen, please be aware of any potential clutter in the workplace that could serve as fuel to a fire and remove it where possible, as it may also affect how rapidly a fire is able to spread in the premises.

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