Why Fire Door Maintenance?

Fire doors are a vital aspect of ensuring the overall safety within your building. Therefore, it is incredibly important that they are properly maintained throughout there use, helping to assure the ongoing safety of all occupants within the building.

What does Fire Door Maintenance involve?

 If there is even just one element to the door that is not properly maintained or out of place, this could have an adverse effect on how that door performs in the event of a fire. Fire doors should always be regularly inspected for damage that may prevent the door from performing when required to. This may well form in conjunction with and as part of the general risk assessment for the building.

Why Protest ES Ltd?

We provide a vast array of high quality fire door maintenance solutions, ensuring that every fire door that we work on is safe and that they meet current industry standards. We have an expert team of qualified fire safety Compliance experts that are trained to relevant industry standards, meaning that all inspections are backed with our certification once complete. Giving you total peace of mind that your doors are always safe and always fit for purpose.


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