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Electrical Testing in Hotels – how we help FM’s maintain their 5 star service

Commercial compliance in the form of electrical testing or fire safety prevention for the hotel and broader hospitality industry, is a big part of any facilities managers maintenance obligations.

This in order to minimise and mitigate any possible disruptions to the hotel staff daily operations as well as any guests overall experience.

Protest ES Ltd are expert electrical and fire safety contractors, providing an array of services that help ensure your business always meets the electrical compliance and fire safety standards required by various UK health and safety regulations - along with the guidelines set by your insurance providers too.

At Protest ES Ltd, we have a vast experience in working in the hospitality industry and know what works and what doesn’t work when operating in this type of environment.

We’ve developed a strong portfolio of delivering multi package compliance services for many leading hotels all across the UK, from the Campanile to the Hilton, to Premier Inn - you name it, we’ve worked there.

So why do so many of these well-established hotels, from small-scale to large-scale chains, choose Protest ES Ltd to keep them compliant?

Understanding the complexities of each individual site

Before starting the works, we undergo a clear process of first establishing and really taking the time to understand how you operate, when you operate, and what the day-to-day running’s of your establishment look like. Initially, a representative from Protest ES Ltd will speak to your site contact and/or do a site visit in order to identify any access limitations, as well as any time or date restrictions. This in conjunction with the site survey, in order to get an accurate scope of the works required in order for us to provide an accurate quotation.

Adapting to your unique requirements

We’ll always try to be as flexible as humanly possible to your unique site requirements as a standard practise. We firmly acknowledge that no job is the same and if that means that we need to operate in more obscure times or even out of hours to fit in with your schedule, we’ll do it.

Knowledge and expertise

Over the years we have built a strong team of electrical and fire safety experts, with these teams continuing to grow and grow as we expand as a business. All of our safety technicians are well versed in working in small and big teams as well as independently too. Always adopting a flexible and thoughtful approach to their work. Much like our office team, they understand that there will be areas that have limited access and times when areas that had been cleared to test, suddenly become unavailable to them.

Professional and friendly

We pride ourselves on creating a positive, memorable experience, and always pledge to deliver a prompt, friendly, professional and smooth delivery of services at any site that we operate at. Although it is a given, we understand too, the value in being not just punctual, but presentable. Our teams will always be appropriately dressed in smart uniform in all areas of your hotels.

With you every step of the way

From the initial open channels of communication and professional and friendly site teams, to our cloud-based secure portal for storing all reports, we carefully consider each step of our process to ensure that they are perfectly curated to result in the best possible outcome, safe compliant and happy clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Protest ES Ltd, today – 01604 696113 |


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Since 2003 we have been delivering the highest quality in Electrical Inspection & Testing to clients nationwide.

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