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Bonfire night safety tips

Bonfire night is arguably one of the most exciting nights of the year for families and friends to celebrate together. Whether that be visiting your local communities bonfire event, or celebrating it privately at your home. Its important that you avoid hazards at all times. Luckily, we've got some tips to keep you safe from the dangers that come with bonfire night.

Choice of fireworks

When putting on your own private fireworks display, it is critical that you ensure the fireworks that you choose are firstly legitimate and safe for use (you can do this by checking that they are marked with the British standard number BS 7114). And secondly that they are suitable for the space your garden and other surroundings allow for. And finally when placing fireworks it's pretty common sense that you should never in any circumstance point them towards any spectators. When storing your fireworks you should always put them in a metal box and refrain from having any form of naked flame in close contact with the fireworks at all times. Cigarettes are a huge NO when remotely near fireworks keep them away at all times.

A perhaps more common and familiar suggestion is that once you have lit fireworks NEVER go back to those fireworks, even if there is a delay of them igniting, don't risk it.

Positioning of bonfire

When setting up your bonfire, try to make sure that you leave a lot of space between the fire and it's surroundings, if needs be, it is always good practice to setup a physical barrier for both your bonfire and the fireworks area, just to make it crystal clear for people to stay well clear. The bonfire should be ideally placed in a central position, keeping it away from your fence, your home, and your family and friends. Remember when setting up your bonfire you need to do so with fire prevention in mind. Whether that means keeping a good amount of water to the side, ready for use or even (if you have one) a fire extinguisher, should you need to put the fire out.

Pet care

Whilst being such a joyful time for humans, the big bangs and flashes of light that come from fireworks are in most cases, pretty terrifying for your pets. With this in mind, you should see to it that your pets are kept inside in a familiar part of the house to them and preferably with both windows and curtains shut throughout.

Clearing up

After hosting your bonfire night, safely clearing up is equally as important as maintaining safety throughout the event. First thing you should be doing is again ensuring that the bonfire has remained clear of others and the surrounding environment. Checking also that all fireworks have been used and that there are no remaining ones that are unlit and that could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

Happy bonfire night to all and remember to stay safe!

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