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A brief look into why you need a Fire Risk Assessment

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Defining Fire Risk Assessments?

A Fire Risk Assessment will essentially involve closely examining a premises, looking at how occupants interact with the premises in regards to the prevention of fire. A successful Fire Risk Assessment will allow for the understanding of the different potential fire safety risks, making the appropriate adjustments to improve overall fire safety and reducing the identified risks.

The foundation of your Fire Safety Compliance

All commercial business premises and rented properties must have a Fire Risk Assessment by law. The Fire Risk Assessment after all, should be at the very core of all your fire safety operations. Without one, you simply cannot have an adequate fire safety plan and therefore will leave your premises and occupants susceptible to fire risk.

If the unthinkable happens and a fire breaks out at your premises, having failed to meet your legal requirements will in most cases mean that you are likely to face a hefty fine with possibility of jail time.

Please see the below a recent case in which 2 occupants were tragically killed by a blaze that broke out at a care home. The company responsible admitted to not meeting the required legal duties in terms of fire safety.

Fire at care home results in death of 2 residents

It has just been reported that a care home in Hertfordshire have today been fined, the tragic story broke that 2 of their residents were killed as a result of a fire breaking out. The company that run the care home located in Hertfordshire, admitted 5 charges of failure to comply with current fire safety legalisation.

Tragic scene at Chesthunt care home in which 2 people were sadly killed.

As well as having to pay additional prosecution costs, the company will have to pay a hefty £175,000 due to their negligence of fire safety laws.

The main cause of the fire which grew in strength so much that it reached the roof, is thought to have been from an electrical fault. Click here for the full story.

If you feel that you require a Fire Risk Assessment, contact - 01604 696113, we're happy to assist. For any other aspects of fire safety, visit our Fire Safety Compliance page.


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