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4,000 fires a year! What is causing them?

Much like most workplace hazards, if left for too long without attention and or treatment, faulty wiring can have serious implications on the health of the people within the building and the building itself, along with any valuable assets inside it.

Sadly, in the UK alone, it has been reported by the Home Office, that there were at least 4,000 fires that were the result of faulty wiring, electrical systems, equipment and misuse of equipment between the years of 2019/20.

The same Home Office report also highlighted the appliances most likely to cause these problems leading to fire:

  • Electrical distribution, including wiring, cabling, and plugs, resulted in 902 fires

  • Cooking appliances made up 444 fires

  • Electrical lighting caused 191 accidental fires in 2019/2020

  • Other domestic style appliances were the biggest cause of accidental fires, with 1,811 resulting from items such as washing machines, tumble dryers, and fridge/freezers

The biggest problem for many workplaces as well as domestic homes is faulty wiring, in which underlying faults can remain unidentified and hidden right up until there is an issue.

Introduction of The Approved Cables Initiative

Also established in the wake of the troubling number of electrically caused fires was the ACI, (The Approved Cables Initiative). This was introduced in 2010 to combat the growing use of substandard wiring in the UK. To this day they have remained consistent in their approach to raising awareness for the implications of faulty wiring and raising the standards of the cables and wires that are used.

What other initiatives are in place to reduce electrical fires?

The government also released non statutory guidance to all local authorities and homes on the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector Regulations. With this of course backing up the already established legislation which states that landlords must ensure that any properties under their ownership and responsibility, remain electrically safe and compliant.

If landlords fail to meet these required safety and compliance standards, the punishment can be severe. This coupled with the demand for greater quality wires and cabling, have thankfully seen a slight decline in recent years on the number of electrically caused fires.

What can the professionals do?

Thankfully there is a solution, and the figures will and are dropping as mentioned above, with greater awareness of electrical safety and compliance all over the UK. However, it is not just down to educating employers, landlords and nominated responsible persons, and the public, the professionals carrying out the work will need to remain consistent, vigilant and ensure that standards of practise do not waver.

After all, electrical contractors, like ourselves, are responsible for the inspecting, testing, maintaining, repairing and installing for all electrical equipment and systems, a big part of this being wiring. Identifying hidden hotspots, faults, or potential hazards, resolving them accordingly before they lead to any serious issues. Any testing, visual inspections and checks must always be incredibly thorough, this to identify faulty wiring which is not compliant with the latest UK wiring regulations and compliance standards.

This alongside an electrical industry that can and must demand higher quality wiring and cabling in the UK electrical supply chain, will combat the threat to safety posed by faulty electrical equipment and wiring.

Would you like to know more about how Protest ES Ltd can help protect your business, staff and visitors, thus keeping you safe and legally compliant with the latest regulations?

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