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3 people escape potentially fatal fire in London tower block, thanks to newly fitted fire door

Thanks to a newly fitted fire door, a serious fire blaze outbreak was prevented from spreading throughout a block of flats in Whitechapel, giving 3 people that could’ve been compromised, the required time to safely evacuate. The fire was thought to have begun in a flat kitchen on the 7th floor, but thankfully tenants managed to escape unscathed.

A fire door that had been recently fitted at the time, was able to withstand the fire, preventing the spread. But for the newly installed fire door, the fire could’ve been truly devastating. Tower Hamlets Council stepped in to insist that a landlord must fit the fire door accompanied by a new fire detection system.

Mayor, John Biggs explained:

“The protective barrier provided by the door gave emergency fire crews the time to tackle the flames and make sure the people were safe. This incident could have had tragic consequences,”

The incident is being treated as a timely reminder to landlords that they must take fire safety seriously, having the correct fire safety measures in place. The cause of the fire was thought to be an electrical fault with a fridge freezer, however the fire detection alerted residents of the fire and the fire door prevented the smoke and flames from passing through and spreading further.

Sirajul Islam, Deputy Mayor, said:

“Our work with landlords and those living in these properties is essential if we are to raise safety standards in the private rented sector. Avoiding a tragic outcome in this fire shows why that is so important.”

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