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Will the UK really be EV only by 2030 or are we being too optimistic?

The ban on the sale of new gasoline vehicles had initially been planned for 2040, but has been brought forward by ten years as part of plans intended to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Hybrid vehicles will also be phased out by 2035 according to this plan. This initiative will be supported with an initial £3.5billion of public funding to grow the electric vehicle charging network and to build “gigafactories” to produce batteries.

However, the government is being warned that banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 may not be realistic because the electric vehicle charging network isn’t close to being ready.

Sir John Armitt, head of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), says there is a ‘real risk’ to the deadline because of the slow progress of installing new electric chargers. Drivers will not switch away from traditional gas cars if they are not confident of being able to charge electric vehicles.

The NIC wants the Government to “initiate a step change in the rate of deployment of charge points to get on track to deliver the infrastructure needed to facilitate the 2030 end to new diesel and petrol vehicle sales”.

The body also says, “There is not yet a visible core network of rapid chargers across the country, and significantly more publicly available charge points, including on street charge points, will be needed by 2030.”

The RAC says that in order to ensure there are enough charge points available for all EV owners, “efforts to install devices will need to be made by motorists and private companies too.”

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