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Why thermal imaging is a unique diagnostic tool

Thermal cameras are now being mounted on ships to detect icebergs and potential overboard passengers, and being used by firefighters in rescue operations. Some cameras can even detect gas leaks. In many instances, thermal imaging can save lives.

Just like our bodies emit heat, nearly every over thing in the world does. Unless an object is at absolute zero, it emits a certain amount of infrared radiation. Depending on the sensitivity of the thermal camera, even the tiniest changes in temperature can be detected.

From an office desk to ice cream - every object in the world above absolute zero is detected by a thermal camera and can be displayed on a thermal image.

Below are some unique features of thermal imaging which sets it apart from other tools..

1. Uncovering hidden issues

Thermal imaging is a unique tool that can indicate many potential defects within a building that would easily be missed by other forms of inspection. For example, if there are any air leaks present, a thermal imaging camera will highlight these, ensuring the heating economy of the facility is maintained.

2. Detection of electrical faults

Thermal imaging can allow you to identify things such as overloaded or overheating circuits. This enables the responsible individual to repair any faulty electricals before they cause damage to the building or any harm to occupants.

3. Speed of response

Thermal imaging equipment is ideal for detecting a wide range of faults within your workspace, whether it is a small office or large warehouse. Thermal imaging allows for oversight of assets and instant reactions to results ensuring any deterioration is minimal, saving time and money.

4. Lightweight

Thermal imaging is suitable for any industrial application. The design of the cameras make it ideal to move around a site with ease, speeding up the process of inspection and ensuring a high degree of accuracy in the results.

5. Cost savings

A thermal imaging survey will enable you to address areas where money is being wasted and so ensuring that your money is being spent wisely, making your industrial building or home as cost and energy efficient as possible.

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