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Who is responsible for Fire Safety at your premises?

Are you responsible?

All commercial premises are required to appoint a designated person responsible for their fire safety by law. This will be formally known as the “Responsible Person” according to "Fire Safety Order 2005".

The "Responsible Person" will be in most cases the owner or employer, or whoever occupies the premises and they will be responsible for ensuring and for upholding correct fire safety measures and procedures.

If you are not certain who the "Responsible Person" of your workplace is, you should contact the person in charge of the workplace and check that all fire safety measures in place are adequate. Under the "Fire Safety Order 2005", the responsible person is required to, following a Fire Risk Assessment, ensure that the appropriate fire safety measures are implemented in order to minimise safety risks to occupants and keep these measures updated.

As well as our multiple Fire Safety Compliance services, we have our own Fire Risk Assessment service in which we will visit your site, conducting an audit, and inspect how your designated "Responsible Person" is upholding the fire safety at your premises. We always ensure and maintain our guaranteed plan of action to enhance activities and improve practises of any premises we visit.

For more information or to discuss any Fire Safety requirements that you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us - 01604 696113.


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