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UK to ban use of Petrol and Diesel cars by 2030?

UK government may be about to ban petrol or diesel powered vehicles from our roads by 2030. It is said they believe the ban should be pushed forward from the original suggested date of 2040.

This will include hybrid and plugin hybrid cars that would also need to be banned from roads by at least 2035, ensuring that Europe as a whole meet the emissions targets set out in the Paris agreement.

This is fantastic news for climate activists and for the Electric Vehicle market of course, an industry that seems to be growing from strength to strength. MP's involved in the climate change committee have argued that by 2030 there will be almost no reason to purchase traditional diesel and petrol vehicles, and every reason to purchase Electric Vehicles as they will not only match petrol and diesel for functionally, but also cost wise.

The call for the UK to ban petrol and diesel vehicles is suggesting an earlier date of 2030, this 10 years earlier than the original plan as many believe the UK will not meet the required emissions targets unless the ban is moved forward to this date.

In the report pushing for an earlier ban of traditional fossil fuel cars, it is suggested that the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points must be heavily increased throughout the UK, this to meet the expected demand for Electric Vehicles. However, the predicted increase in the use of Electric Vehicles in the UK is not only down to the ban on petrol and diesel vehicles. The use of Electric Vehicles in the UK should also see a rise due to the estimated cost of Electric Vehicles being on par with petrol and diesel cars by at least 2025.

MP Michael Gove stated that petrol and diesel cars must be banned: "We HAVE to get rid of petrol and diesel cars off our roads if we're going to make sure that not only do we deal with the health problems that air pollution causes, but also that we meet our climate change targets. The good news is that the car industry is already moving in this direction, Volvo and just yesterday Mini are both moving in this way, it is critically important that we provide the right encouragement from the government to help the car industry do the right thing. What we are announcing today is making good on our manifesto commitment, we said that we would get rid of petrol and diesel cars off our streets and today we're confirming as part of our plan to deal with air pollution, that we will go ahead with getting rid of these polluting cars. One of the good things about this announcement is that the chancellor has authorised more than 200 million pounds of additional spending to help local authorities come up with the right approach in order to deal with air pollution on their roads".

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