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Traditional lighting to be phased out by 2023

Switching to LED bulbs would prevent 1.26m tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere once sales of fluorescent lights are discontinued in 2023. This is the equivalent of eliminating more than 500,000 automobiles from U.K. roads. Higher-energy halogen light bulbs were phased out in the UK starting in 2018.

The restriction is a component of wider initiatives to make homes more environmentally friendly, which also include a proposal to swap out traditional gas boilers with possibly more expensive substitutes. About 40% of all emissions in the UK originate from domestic sources, the UK government wants the nation to achieve "net zero" emissions by 2050.

Currently, nearly two thirds of U.K. bulb sales are LED lights. Although they generate the same amount of light as conventional halogens and last five times as long, they consume up to 80% less electricity.

A comparison between LED light bulbs vs fluorescent lamps

Although LED tubes are more cost-effective in the long run, T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes may be initially more affordable. Compared to fluorescent lights, an LED light bulb has the following advantages:

More Energy Efficient:

If all the lightbulbs in your office were replaced with LEDs, you could, at the very least, consume 60% less energy to illuminate your space. This is because energy-saving technology used to make LEDs have advanced far more rapidly than those used to make fluorescent linear tubes.

Longer Life Expectancy:

Compared to fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs last two to four times longer.

More cost-effective: While LED lights may initially cost more, you will ultimately save money on electricity and have less long-term maintenance expenditures.

Better for the Environment:

LED lights don't contain any mercury, in contrast to linear fluorescent tubes. Mercury in fluorescent lights should be treated with care since it may pollute the environment and cause skin irritation. LED lights offer an instant-on feature, so you don't have to wait for the flickering to end. Additionally, you may turn them on and off as much as you like because LED bulbs don't last less when the button is clicked frequently.

At first glance, the greater upfront expenses of LED luminants over traditional bulbs may appear prohibitive. Nevertheless, depending on the application, LED lighting pays for itself after just a few years thanks to a much longer service life and far greater efficiency.

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