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Three Critical Hazards Facilities Managers should know about Electrical Safety and Maintenance

Many different injuries and hazards can and will occur at properties. We are going to look at the electrical ones.

The three electrical main hazards that stand out are: electrical shock – electrical fire – electrical burns.

How do these electrical hazards occur?

Whilst we can’t stop all hazards from occurring at all times, that’s just life unfortunately, we can help reduce the likelihood. There are a number or reasons that these hazards can emerge, but the most common reason is simply lack of maintenance and lack of awareness on how to properly maintain the electrics in a household or a workplace.

The below bullet points are what will often lead to electrical hazard in the workplace:

· the electrical installation and equipment deteriorating over time

· damage to switches, sockets and other equipment

· misuse of the installation and equipment

· poor or lack of maintenance of the installation and equipment

What facilities managers can do to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace:

As a facilities manager, if there are any doubts as to whether the electrics at the property that you look after are safe for employees, visitors and members of the public, you should look to immediately consult a qualified and professionally trained electrical contractor that is at the very least, NICEIC (or equivalent) accredited.

Protest ES Ltd are an electrical contractor and fire safety specialists that have been NICEIC accredited for nearly 20 years now, as well as having many other quality accreditations under our belt.

Visit our website to learn more about these accreditations and more about how we operate as a business keeping other businesses throughout the country safe and compliant.


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Since 2003 we have been delivering the highest quality in Electrical Inspection & Testing to clients nationwide.

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