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The NICEIC – the benchmark for electrical compliance service providers

Firstly a bit about the NICEIC and why they are more than qualified to certify the contractor that you consult for your electrical compliance and safety services. Whether it be Fixed Wire Testing (EICR), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing), Thermal Imaging (Thermographic Surveys), Emergency Light Testing (Flick Test). The NICEIC cover all bases to ensure that ourselves, as well as over 30,000 electrical contractors UK wide, are appropriately audited and meet their high industry standards of quality.

The NICEIC – why they are the benchmark for electrical contractor accreditation

The NICEIC are the UK’s leading certification body in the electrical contracting industry ensuring that all contractors under their umbrella meet their stringent quality standards of practise and further ensuring safety in the industry across the UK.

With over 30,000 registered members operating in the UK, there is a wide choice of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical NICEIC certified contractors available to help keep buildings safe.

The NICEIC has been assessing and approving electrical contractors for over sixty years since it was first established in 1956. Each year, They invest all surpluses back into the electrical industry in order to increase safety awareness and raise industry standards.

The NICEIC accredited for over 15 years

At Protest ES Ltd, we have been accredited by the NICEIC for more than 15 years now!

We strongly believe that if you are a homeowner, or duty holder for any commercial establishment for that matter, you should first make sure that the electrician that you consult to carry out electrical testing and inspection is at the very least NICEIC accredited beforehand. This to ensure that they are meeting the highest of industry standards and will therefore be safely providing a service for you.

If you would like Protest ES Ltd to carry out any electrical compliance services, we cover all relevant electrical testing and inspection services nationwide, please feel free to contact us: | 01604 696113.


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