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The importance of Cable Management

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

What does Cable Management involve?

Cable management is essentially the proper management and securing of important cables and wires, usually within a working environment. By managing cables properly, this helps maintain functionality, reducing chance of damage to cables and devices, ensuring proper organisation and safety, whilst improving cleanliness and tidiness.

The dangers of poorly managed cables

The most important and critical reason for ensuring that cables are properly managed, is the potential for fires if they are not. Unorganised and tangled cables will be at a greater risk of damage if they are not properly secured, as will the devices connected to faulty wiring becoming more of a fire risk. Where there are unorganised wires and cables there is always going to be the potential for occupants to trip over them, either getting injured in the process, or damaging the device connected.

Tripping becomes a much bigger safety risk when you factor in the need to evacuate in an emergency situation. This becomes very concerning If an occupant was to trip and seriously damage their leg causing them problems getting to a safety exit during evacuation.

Benefits of Cable Management

Maintaining that cables and wires are properly managed is essential for many reasons, not least for simply ensuring that occupants can access and move the devices or systems that they are connected to with relative ease. If you have multiple wires and cables belonging to multiple different devices, this can start to seriously impact productivity in the workplace, if they are all tangled together. By organising the cables and wires properly this will only improve productivity greatly.

Avoiding unorganised, tangled cabling and wiring may have more subtle benefits such as improving the overall comfort of occupants, improving their mood and reducing stress at work. With bad cable management this can lead to decreased efficiency at work, making simple tasks take much longer than they really should do.

Appearance is also hugely important when wanting to create a good impression of your premises to visiting guests. By ensuring that you have a proper cable management setup, you can see to it that wires and cables are presentable.

To summarise - cable management will enhance functionality, whilst greatly improving the overall daily experience of all who work in that environment and even those that visit the premises.

If you require Cable Management as a standalone service, do not hesitate to contact ourselves - 01604 696113.

It is also important to note that we offer our Cable Management service alongside PAT Testing - so if you are a client of ours and have your Portable Appliance Testing carried out by us, or you are a new client requesting a combination of two services, call today - 01604 696113.


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