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Protest to attend The Facilities Show 2022

We’re looking forward to attending our second big event of the year, this time we’ll be attending the Facilities Show 17-19 May 2022 at ExCeL London.

It’s an exciting time for the team to be once again having the opportunity to mix it and match it with some key thought leaders and key decision makers in our industry.

This event is not just the UK’s, but one of the world’s most important facilities management events. It brings together the entire FM supply chain to share their expertise and explore the solutions for now and the future, making these professions more sustainable and also driving evolution and transformation in these sectors too.

The Facilities Management Journal are predicting thousands to be in attendance:

"Thousands expected to attend Facilities Show to discover ground-breaking innovation in sustainability, efficiency and legislation" - @fmj

At Protest ES Ltd we believe in the power of teamwork and community, networking is a fundamental part of this and events like the Facilities Show are such a fantastic opportunity to do this in-person.

Our Protest team are eager to learn and engage with some of our industry peers and looking to really get the most out of the experience. We and others are looking to benefit from cross learning, sharing info and the networking opportunities across 5 co-located shows, all rolled into one.

Information that we can use to improve our core service delivery and also to pass onto our clients to best improve their industry knowledge and safety practises in the workplace.

One of the core principles that drive our business is to always look to evolve and adapt. We believe success is never final and that there is always going to be an opportunity to further develop and thrive for excellence in everything that we do.

If you are attending the event, make sure that you look out for our sister company, Promptus Ltd – providing some of the UK’s most innovative and bespoke Remote Monitoring services. With a key focus on helping businesses and organisations better support their staff as we adapt to the growth in hybrid and home working conditions.

Allowing businesses to remotely manage, monitor and oversee their sites operations from the comfort of their own home.

Ultimately driving change and future proofing businesses and organisations in unique ways that are still very new to the safety and maintenance industry.

If you'd like to find out more about both Protest ES Ltd & Promptus Ltd contact us: 01604 696113 - |


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