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DRPTE 2022 - Recapping on a brilliant event

Last week we had the pleasure of attending one of the UK’s leading defence procurement and supply chain events of the year, DPRTE 2022.

To say that we used our time at this event to the fullest would be an understatement.

Our team of directors who attended the latest DPRTE 2022 event at Farnborough on the 5th of May were there from 9am right through to the end at 4pm.

Networking is a powerful tool and an opprtunity we always look to take advantage of given the chance.

Doing so, we really appreciated talking to everyone that we had the privilege of meeting at the event, from industry peers who do similar services to ours, to keynote speakers and thought leaders, sharing their vast wealth of knowledge with us.

To quickly summarise, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next years DRPTE event, and if it is anything like this years, it’ll be one event that we will not be missing!

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