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Lionesses victory, a step forward for gender equality in society & the workplace?

When victory finally arrived and the lionesses were victorious, afterwards, Alex Scott, a former England player, said, very appropriately:

"I'm not pleading with sponsors to support the women's game any longer when I'm at business events because, you know what? You have missed the train and the boat if you are not involved. Because, as you can see, it has now departed the station and is gaining speed.

On a national level, as an industry and as companies there are some things that we can do right now to change the nation and the world for the better. When it comes to promoting equality, we can treat this moment as a catalyst for change.

Women have just achieved something that the men couldn't, in a sport that for years has not been a particularly welcome environment for them. In many ways we can recognise a lot of similarities with the women’s game when contrasted with some industries that lack diversity. Our industry for example, the electrical and construction/trade industry. These industries lack gender diversity with a large majority of trades being predominantly male dominant.

In addition to being vital from a human perspective, promoting gender diversity in the workplace is crucial.

Whether it is establishing a fair hiring procedure that is clearly open to all genders, or making current employees feel welcomed and valued, this is about developing positions that appeal to both genders and offer equal opportunity in all areas.

SME’s like ourselves, can make a significant contribution to long-term development in this area. Smaller organizations can also become involved in teaching and supporting young women pursuing underrepresented careers through apprenticeship programs and workshop courses.

All businesses are about the people that work there and it is imperative that everyone on your team is encouraged to succeed regardless of their sexuality, gender, race, creed etc. Paternity leave, putting males in typically female roles and vice versa, as well as supporting mental health programs are all things to take into account.

Ultimately, we can all influence change and establish workplaces that serve as models for the future, just like the Lionesses did.

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