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LED lights could contribute to massive carbon reductions

The majority of the UK’s electricity is produced by burning fossils fuels. If we lower the electricity we use to power our lighting, we will help to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, increasing our green sustainability.

Upgrading old fashioned fluorescent lighting to modern new LED lighitng is the best way to do this and will make a significant difference in carbon reduction, and as a result will create a more energy efficient workplace.

LED lighting uses less than 75% of energy compared to a incandescent bulb. A change to LED lighting by itself will help reduce your carbon footprint due to the small amount of fossil fuels being burned in order to produce it.

How difficult is it to upgrade to LED lighting?

Reducing your carbon footprint by upgrading your lighting to LED has never been so easy; with options to replace the existing light fitting or retrofit the existing bulbs to LE., Replacing the existing bulbs does not require a drastic change, but you will still receive the LED benefits.

Another benefit that comes with LED lighting is its longer life expectancy compared to traditional bulbs. LED lighting lasts over 20 times longer (up to 63,000 hours of use) meaning it won’t need to be replaced as often, which will reduce your carbon footprint even more.

Who can save money swapping to LED Lighting?

Everyone can save money by swapping to LED Lighting. Every school, hospital, warehouse, council building, can save money on their electricity bills over time and with a longer lifespan, with less maintenance required.

The reason you everyone can save money is that less electricity is required to power LED bulbs which is why your electricity costs will be much lower than before.

Switching to LED lighting is a straightforward yet significant move for the environment, and if the majority of businesses switch to LED lighting, a huge environmental change can be made.

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