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Home Fire Safety Week 2022 (June 13-19)

Being commercial compliance, electrical testing and fire safety specialists, we understand the critical importance of domestic fire safety too. Therefore, Protest ES Ltd are joining the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) in urging local people to take fire safety precautions in order to help keep their home safe.

This years NFCC’s public awareness campaign will focus on the main risks of fire in the home and appropriate home detection and behaviours to help mitigate these risks.

Also highlighted will be how fire and rescue services use an approach which puts people at the heart of their work to reduce fires in the home. This ‘person-centred approach’ underpins NFCC’s online home fire safety check tool.

Sadly, with the cost of living sky rocketing, this has led many to look for ways of cutting their costs, most notably their energy costs – with this in mind, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing so safely.

As one of the main topics that NFCC are covering this year is electrical safety, we wanted to reiterate a point we’ve always tried to highlight.

We have always stressed, when looking at any electrical products to purchase people must make sure that they are avoiding cheaper but unreliable products from cowboy retailers and instead, always opting for the safer option from established and reputable retailers.

You can use the incredibly helpful home safety tool, as well as get all the information, support and guidance that you need here -


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