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Here is why you need professional support with your EV (Electric Vehicle) infrastructure

If you are thinking about or very much about to launch into becoming an EV friendly business or organisation, it can difficult and quite frankly, overwhelming. We know, as this is what clients have relayed back to us when we asked what boundaries they had faced when looking to make their premises an EV friendly charging station by installing EV charging points.

Thankfully, at Protest ES Ltd we have been able to help clients not just install their EV charging points but also handled everything else, from general maintenance right up to the EICR Testing and inspection too.

Our EV (electric vehicle) EICR (Fixed Wire Testing) Testing service involves an independent assessment of all installations, to identify any underlying or clear problems that are unsafe and not compliant with current UK regulations.

Our team comprises of technical experts that are well versed in electrical safety and most importantly the complexities surrounding EV electrical safety in particular. Our electrical engineers conduct a thorough external as well as internal visual inspection alongside earth continuity combined with polarity confirmation, and functional testing.

Also covered are the checks on earth loop impedance and residual current devices. We do all this to ensure that safety of these valuable electrical installations is maintained on a long-term basis.

Protest ES Ltd are a trusted safety and compliance service provider on a nationwide level. We provide high level inspection and testing with air-tight reports and certification that are ready when needed for safety audits. We offer a fully fledged support service, not just the physical works, but also in the form of professional support, advice and guidance.

If you require any support or advice with the installation or maintenance of your EV charging points, call - 01604 696113 today.

Learn more about our EV installs here and EV (EICR) Testing here.

Make an enquiry here.


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Since 2003 we have been delivering the highest quality in Electrical Inspection & Testing to clients nationwide.

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