Protest ES Ltd can manage and assist you with your legal obligations with regards to the EICR periodic Inspection and Testing of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

As we start to see more and more electric vehicles on our UK roads, this means that there are now more EV charging points in use. This number will only increase substantially with time as many households and businesses try to improve on their carbon footprint by switching to the more energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. 

Businesses more than ever are seeing a huge rise in the demand for EV charging points at their premises, therefore they are installing EV charging points at an incredible rate. These charging points need to be periodically electrically tested (EICR) and visually inspected to ensure that they comply with the latest government guidelines and that they are safe and fit for purpose.

Much like any type of electrical installation, as a duty holder you are required to ensure the safety of the EV charging point(s) under the guidelines of EAWR (Electricity at Work Regulations 1989). This also involves the maintenance of all electrical systems to protect and prevent any possible safety risk and electrical related incident or fire hazard caused by an electrical f   to any employees, visitor, or to any other individuals. 


EV Chargers Electrical Maintenance 


Protest ES Ltd have a team of very experienced, time served electrical engineers who specifically work on EV charging points. These engineers are vastly experience in the new installations, replacement of old EV charging points and the periodic testing (EICR) to this equipment also.


Periodic Testing and Visual Inspection of EV Charging Points


 As we have touched upon earlier, EV charging points throughout the world and the UK are becoming a very highly used asset. This fact and taking into account that most charging points are installed for outdoor use are therefore exposed to the elements and other factors such as a high risk of mechanical damage due to wear and tear from regular, and sometimes daily use. This is why as a business we strongly recommend formal periodic inspecting and testing on an annual basis, as well as regular monitoring of the EV systems to help your business and duty holders involved meet their legal requirements with regards to maintenance and health and safety of this high level equipment.


Periodic Testing and Visual Inspection from Protest ES Ltd includes:


•    Earthing compliance check

•    Operation of Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

•    Earth loop impedance and prospective fault current

•    Confirmation of polarity

•    Insulation resistance testing

•    Functional testing

•    Earth continuity testing of protective conductors

•    Thorough external visual inspection

•    Thorough internal visual inspection


What are the benefits of our specialist EV Testing and Inspection Service:


We offer trusted inspection and testing programmes. Rest assured we are a UK leading safety electrical and fire compliance specialist offering UK Nationwide coverage with nearly 20 years’ experience. In addition to this we provide high level electrical certification and direct client account management. We maintain your compliance with the latest relevant UK workplace and electrical safety legislation's. Helping identify faults early ensures the safety and longevity in an EV charging points systems lifespan. We are happy to test individual charging points or if need be we can also create a detailed programme of works for larger quantities in different locations both on a regional or nationwide basis. To complement this, our clients can also have access to our full range of electrical testing compliance services, fire safety services and electrical projects works for their building’s requirements.



For more information on our EV Charging Point EICR Testing – contact us today  enquiries@protestesltd.co.uk or call 01604 696113.

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